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Teilnehmer der Powerweek, Motril, Spanien
Laufendes Seminar Motril
Seminarraum Powerweek, Motril

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Focus on MORA - September 2017

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10/28/17 – 11/01/17 - Medical Week , Baden-Baden

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Seminars, Workshops, Webinars

9:00 Powerweek: Friesenheim, Germany @ MED-TRONIK GmbH
Powerweek: Friesenheim, Germany @ MED-TRONIK GmbH
Sep 10 @ 9:00 – Sep 15 @ 14:00
Powerweek in Friesenheim, Germany (ENGLISH) The Bioresonance Powerweek has been devised in order to facilitate our international customers in obtaining their MORA certification. This six day-long seminar will cover all our standard seminars, Basic, Advanced[...]

Gentle, lasting and safe!

Medical technology in the 21st century:

It is impossible to imagine the field of complementary medicine without the MORA-bioresonance
treatment as an energetic form of diagnosis and treatment.

MORA-Nova offers multiple options of use that enable you to cover many treatment fields and execute
reliable diagnostics and treatment. The principle is to support the body’s ability to regulate itself.
Patients experience a form of treatment without side effects which achieves amazing results with many
conditions and diseases. Furthermore, the bioresonance treatment has proven helpful in cases where conventional medicine has not made a difference.