What is biophysical medical technology?



Bioresonance – In tune with life!

Bioresonance is based on the findings of quantum physics. The most important observation of this branch of research is that any matter consists of two components

  • the particle itself
  • and the radiation

Any material particle can be allocated to a particular electromagnetic field. This can also be applied to any cell or any organ of the human body. Erich Rasche and Franz Morell used this insight and developed the diagnosis and treatment approach of bio-resonance. They used the principle of waves and frequencies derived from radio and television technology and transferred it to medical technology.

Quantum physics:

The basis of the method of MORA!

In the mid-70s, Franz Morell and his son-in-law, electrical engineer Erich Rasche, searched together for an alternative treatment method. They transferred the principle of waves and frequencies which have no side effects, from quantum physics to medical technology.

The result of the intensive research was a technology which is able to absorb the body’s own oscillations, analyse, correct and return them to the body in an adjusted form. This was the birth of the classic bioresonance treatment, the method of MORA.

In the meantime, MED-TRONIK has grown into an internationally operating company. As ever, MED-TRONIK spends a great deal of time and money on the continuous research, testing and analysis of all its products. Over the years, the devices as well as the software and the applications have been continually refined and extended. New complementary devices complete the range. The MORA-System enables therapist to use targeted diagnostic procedures and customised treatment actions adapted for each patient. Gentle, lasting and safe.