1. Kinesiologie-MORA Seminar

1st Kinesiology-MORA Seminar in Teruel

On 27th/28th of January 2018 the first Kinesiology-MORA seminar took place in Teruel.
Lecturer Jose Louis Roldan offered an exciting insight into the effective combination of kinesiology & MORA.
The participants were enthusiastic and could take home many helpful tipps.

Seminar topics:
Kinesiology Basics
5 Elements and Kinesiology
Substance Testing with Kinesiology and Mora
Substance Testing with Kinesiology and Mora (with MEBE)

The seminar was organised by the Spanish distributor Carlos Maudos.
Thanky you so much! We are already looking forward to the next event!

Teilnehmer der MORA-Academy

Further education?

If your New Year’s resolutions include learning new things or to educate yourself further than our MORA Academy might just be right for you!
On 19th/20th of January our first basic seminar of the year takes place and this is just the beginning. Look at our seminar overview in the Academy section and find the seminar that suits you best. Put your resolutions into practice – why wait?

Teilnehmer der Powerweek, Motril, Spanien

Powerweek successfully completed…

Seminarraum Powerweek, Motril

Ready to go…

Seminarraum Powerweek, Motril

We caught a glimpse of the seminar room in Motril, Spain.

The Powerweek is about to begin, MORA-devices and lecturers are ready to go…

We wish all participants a successful week. Enjoy yourselves!