About us

The 4-pillar principle

Behind the globally successful products stands a company with a very special philosophy. It is supported by four pillars from the beginning:


For 40 years, the MORA system has been an important procedure for reliable diagnosis and targeted treatment. Our experience enables us to create a unique combination of traditional treatments and state-of-the-art technology.


State-of-the-art development processes and increasingly detailed research enable the continuous development of our products. We are not afraid to leave trodden paths and go new ways to develop products that meet the demands of our modern age.


Pass on knowledge: Extensive training courses, seminars and the exchange of experience at the highest level ensure the targeted and well-founded application of the MORA system by competent therapists.

Customer focus

We are happy to accompany and advise therapists and patients on the use of the MORA system. We take your questions and suggestions seriously. Through direct contact with therapists and patients, we remain sensitive to their wishes and needs.

What motivates us

Because health is our most precious asset, we value gentle and side effect-free treatments.

We have developed the method of MORA to bring patients closer to their goal of ‘health’ – in fact lasting health.