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Diagnose and treatment procedures from holistic complementary medicine

It is impossible to imagine the field of complementary medicine without the MORA-bioresonance treatment as an energetic form of diagnosis and treatment.

MORA-Nova offers multiple options of use that enable you to cover many treatment fields and execute reliable diagnostics and treatment. The principle is to support the body’s ability to regulate itself. Patients experience a form of treatment without side effects which achieves amazing results with many conditions and diseases. Furthermore, the bioresonance treatment has proven helpful in cases where western medicine has not made a difference.

Application areas

Advantages for the patient

  • Quick recovery

    The patient often feels an improvement right after the first treatment.

  • Feeling

    The treatment is often perceived as very pleasant

  • Free of side effects

    Free of undesirable side effects and in no way burdensome

  • Duration

    Short duration of treatment (between 15 and 45 minutes)

Treatment of allergies
Testing and treatment of food intolerances
Treatment of general intolerances
Testing of remedies for agreeability and effectiveness
Testing of material for agreeability
Detection of early burdens

The treatment

For diagnosis or treatment with the MORA-Nova device, the patient is connected by hand, foot and head electrodes. The patient’s own vibrations are transmitted to the device via electrodes. Depending on the clinical picture and treatment programme, they are converted by MORA-Nova into appropriate treatment frequency patterns. Afterwards, the vibrations are returned to the patient via output electrodes.

Our bioresonance devices are used by:

allergistsdermatologistsgeneral practitioners

Our own practice with possibility of observation:

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