Breaking news!!! MORA-Super can be repaired at a reasonable price

Some of our MORA-Super customers were suggested by a letter from a competitor that the MORA-Super was no longer repairable. Probably it is an advertising campaign of the supplier.

We, as pioneers of Bioresonz, are of course still able to repair all MORA devices, of course also the MORA-Super. The repair can be carried out economically, because we replace defective parts with modern assemblies, which are 100% compatible.

Would you like to modernise or would you prefer to return to the classic?

We offer you our flagships:

1. ) The MORA-Super – the established classic

  • reissued and improved according to the latest guidelines
  • without having to return your old device
  • easy to switch
  • at an unbeatable price!!!

2.) The innovative MORA-Nova – with state-of-the-art technology

  • tailored to your individual requirements
  • with modern modules, such as regulatory diagnostics and efficient therapy options
  • at an unbeatable price!!!

Before you decide, compare the prices that the MORA originals are cheaper than you think…

We will be happy to make you a non-binding offer.
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