MORA-System for Patients

MORA-diagnosis and -treatment is state-of-the-art medical technology. We use the latest findings of modern biophysics and can show multiple scientific evidence from 20 years of research.

The MORA-device offers many options for diagnosis and treatment.


The MORA-system offers various remarkable possibilities!

Numberless options

Possible Applications

Treatment of allergies
Treatment and testing of food intolerances
Treatment of general intolerances
Testing of drugs in regard of tolerance and efficiency
Testing of agreeability of material
Early detection of burdens

Good to know!

Side effects?

There are no known side effects. MORA-treatment can be used accompanying any symptomatology and can be combined with many therapeutic procedures. Amazing results are achieved with many conditions and diseases.

Duration of Treatments

15 - 45



In the first consultation, the treatment is discussed and the initial analysis is carried out. All questions concerning the treatment are clarified here.


Premise for a succesful treatment is a thoroughly diagnosis. Therefore, the first MORA-treatment starts with a detailed anamnesis and testing. Together, the patient and the therapist decide what the main points of the treatment will be. What are the aims, and how long will it take to reach them?


Since more than 30 years MORA-bioresonance has been applied successfully worldwide. This method makes it possible not only to diagnose pathogen vibrations, but to treat them.

Lowly electromagnetic vibrations are
• taken from the patient’s body via electrodes
• transmitted to the MORA-device
• inverted or modulated via electronic amplifier
• returned to the body

Stimulation of the body’s self-healing powers, elimination of disturbances and blockades. The aim is to restore a healthy balance.

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