“Intensive, profound and also exciting seminars …”

The MORA®Academy is also located directly in Friesenheim, at the location of the development and production facility of MED-TRONIK GmbH.

This offers beginners as well as professionals numerous opportunities to get to know the MORA® method from scratch or to specifically deepen their specialist knowledge.

The academy speakers rely on in-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience. Their aim is not to convey rigid facts, but to make knowledge “understandable” in the truest sense of the word.

What can the participants of the MORA® seminars expect?
Participants can expect intensive, in-depth and exciting seminars in which they can learn new therapies and diagnostic procedures, as well as tips and tricks to use the software efficiently.

What is special about the MORA®Academy?
The seminars at the MORA®Academy are based on a 3-step principle:

Basic seminars: Contents are the basics of the device, application and therapy.
Advanced seminars: Contents of this advanced seminar for advanced students are advanced theory as well as the diagnostic method.
Master seminars: Contents of the seminar are therapy and diagnostic methods for advanced students.

The MORA®Academy offers 3 seminars each year, so participants can complete the entire course in 3 months. In addition, there are always seminars with special focuses, such as
“Degeneration & Mitochondriopathy”.

Is there a contact person who is at the side of the participants after the seminars?
Of course, the MORA®Academy is also available to the participants at any time after the seminars to answer questions. We not only help with questions about therapy and application, but also with questions that relate to technical components of the device.