The groundbreaking discovery

More than 40 years ago, engineer Erich Rasche and medical Dr. Franz Morell recognised the limitations of drug treatment and researched alternative treatments.



How it all started …

discover together with us the roots of the pioneer of the bioresonance method.

In the mid-1970s, Franz Morell and his son-in-law, electrical engineer Erich Rasche, researched an alternative therapy method. They transferred the principle of side-effect-free waves and frequencies from quantum physics to medical technology.

The result of this intensive research work was a technique that is able to absorb, analyse and correct the body’s own vibrations and then return them to the body – cleansed up. This was the birth of the classic bioresonance treatment, the method of MORA.

By now MED-TRONIK has grown into an international company. As before, all MED-TRONIK products continue to be researched, tested and analysed at great expense. Over the years, the devices as well as the software and the applications have been refined and expanded. New, complementary devices complete the offer. The MORA system allows the therapist to make targeted diagnostic procedures and personalised treatments for the patient. Gentle, lasting and safe.

Dr. Franz Morell

Dr. Franz Morell

doctor, specialist on naturpathy

Erich Rasche

Erich Rasche

electrical engineer