Weight Control

The module for weight management is for those who are tired of cravings
and frustration over excess pounds.


weight optimization



Start your “feel-good” weight now!


  • No yo-yo effect
  • No hunger
  • Incl. Nutrition compass for orientation
  • No side effects
  • Detox for the whole body
  • Individually adapted to the customer

The application at a glance


  • Filling out the analysis sheet together with the customer
  • Analysis of the customer type to determine the appropriate application
  • Determination of all relevant values of the customer (weight, fat, water and muscle index)
  • Execution of the individually customized application (a total of four applications within 45 days)
  • After the application, the customer should strictly adhere to the dietary guidelines for three weeks. The nutritional guidelines should continue to be followed as long as possible afterwards
  • It is recommended to carry out a control of the results three months after the application



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