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A new update for the MORA Nova is available. This update brings new functions and more stability.

Before the update, download the new version of the satellite software (2.4.0) here.

Make sure that your device is connected to your router with a network cable and that it is switched on. Also, make sure your computer is connected to the same router with a network cable.

Start the satellite software, click on “Find Hardware” as soon as the device number is displayed. Click on the device number to establish a connection to the MORA Nova.

As soon as the connection is established, click on the “Tools” button. This takes you to the Extras menu. Now click on “Check for new version”. After a moment, a small window will appear confirming the existence of a new version. Download the new version. Be patient, this may take a moment depending on your network speed.

Once the download is complete, click OK on the message that appears.

Now click on “Update Mora Hardware”. The software will start a backup process after which the device will begin updating. Your device displays a gray screen with two green progress bars. Do not turn off the device or the computer. Once the update is complete, your device will automatically shut down. Restart the device and check the version number in the lower left corner of the main menu. It should be version


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New Satellite Software Update Ver. 2.4

New Satellite Software Update Ver. 2.4

CHANGE-LOG: The change between devices should work faster because when the program starts, all NOVAs found during the last search are displayed (and do not have to be searched again) Direct entry of the IP address is possible via the HELP menu Sort the measurement...

Training and continuing education successfully

Training and continuing education successfully

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